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Applicazione della microscopia elettroni…

APPLICAZIONE DELLA MICROSCOPIA ELETTRONICA SEM-EDX NEL SETTORE DELLA GOMMA E DELLE MATERIE PLASTICHE Nel settore delle materie plastiche e della gomma, la microscopia elettronica può essere applicata per studiare diversi aspetti...

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Scuola di spettroscopia infrarossa

Scuola di spettroscopia infrarossa applicata allo studio e alla caratterizzazione delle materie plastiche 22-24 ottobre 2018 RDLab137 propone una scuola di Spettroscopia Infrarossa volta all’approfondimento delle caratteristiche generali della tecnica e delle...

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Seek and ye shall find

Some consideration about the word 'Research': It does not exist applied research, only applications of Research exist", they report Albert Einstein said. So written, these words often are not understand from...

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Electroactive Polymers: a potential revo…

ElectroActive Polymers (EAPs) are a type of polymer that can convert electrical energy into mechanical energy: when these materials are placed in an electric field there is a change in...

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RDLab137 is a private and independent Company devoted to Research and development in Materials Science. Our competences are dedicated to realization of research projects and of technological innovation of industrial processes. Our main sector is based on polymer based materials. In RDLab137 laboratory of analysis and testing, we can provide almost all the facilities and instruments for characterization and testing of plastics, both for research and for quality control needs. RDLab137 plans, design and realises testing and measurements apparatus for specific needs, which can not be measured with conventional commercial machines. We give technical-scientific support on Analysis instrumentation and on setting up targeted laboratories of measurements and analysis. One of the activities of RDLab137 concerns formation and training of technicians and scientists, both with our scheduled professional advancement courses in our lab or in your company.